Staying True to Yourself in the Social Spotlight with Samantha Stewart

Welcome to episode 3 where we sit and chat with Fashion Influencer Samantha Stewart from @styleofsam. To Sam, fashion is her “drug of choice” and has taken her far from her pharmaceutical roots. Hear her story on how she stays true to herself and pushes for positivity in a volitive social space.

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sharing and you have this community who like comments and stuff but then Brands started reaching out to me I'm like and so I was like oh okay well this is the thing then

it's you know a lot of people were you know you still got the same good you know like

yeah yeah and they're doing checks which he may sound really good at that yeah

we don't have to get into the questions okay I guess I'll open this up

hey it's Walter this is another episode of the social academy uh where we're

interviewing influencers content creators uh and Industry Professionals in the world of social media uh today we

have style Samantha Stewart the always fashionable here in the studio uh thanks

for coming thanks for having me yes yes so much for having me so I guess we'll just go off with the easy question first

if you want to introduce yourself and uh I I know we just said your name but like uh and what do you do okay well hi I'm

Samantha Stewart the founder of style of Sam where I educate and inspire people

to look feel and do good or as I say stay Glam do good um and so I share a lot of fashion

content Beauty content um some home stuff but basically in a lot of like positive attitude type

things I love the positive you probably called me up I was like Wow because obviously social media needs a lot more

positivity out there and that's I really love how you got your little real little tagline and stuff and I was like okay

cool I love this already okay so uh what has your journey looked like on social media like how do you really get started

on there or like even even from the you know the humble beginnings when it just was just kind of social media talking friends you know what was that sure well

I mean I my original background is that as a blogger um but

um a long time ago uh basically my husband and I did a short stint in Europe and so we were there for a short

while and at that time all my friends had blogs and they had families and so back then a Blog was more like an online

journal or online diary for your friends to keep up with you oh yeah I remember like live journal and yeah you know of

course even the early days of geocs Angel you know like so it was like that and so we at the time we actually had a

lot of infertility problems so my friends were like you should blog about that

um and share your infertility struggles and what you're doing and honestly I

just didn't feel comfortable doing that because there's like a lot of emotions and up and down roller coaster stuff so

I was like you know what I'll just do fashion and so um my blog used to be called my friends

want me to blog blog I mean like there's nothing original but I couldn't I couldn't think of anything and I would

just share fashion like my friends would say oh Sam because they knew I loved fashion and at work I was always getting

dressed up they're like what do I wear with this vest or how do I wear this belt so I would just kind of answer their fashion questions and that's kind

of how it got started way back before like um Instagram okay and then I would

just randomly share on Facebook but when Instagram got started it was really fun but I actually did use it

um more like it was meant to be because they were cool filters and it was all this retro Vibes and I love those filters like Sienna or whatever

yes I was like I love this so I was just like take pictures of my my husband and like Photo like flat lace or whatever

and just put the filters on them I mean I just had so much fun with that um but like as I was sharing my blog I

would post on Facebook and my husband's friends would say like um

so don how are you doing I see how Sam's doing because she's all over the feet um so I started like separating out okay

yeah yeah that's when I was like okay we're gonna use social media more for my business stuff and then not because like

I'm inundating his friends with like pictures of my outfit and they don't really like yeah yeah yeah no so it kind

of naturally progressed into like oh wow maybe I need to start making this my own

platform of sorts well and you did you as you kind of went into that you kind of naturally was like I'm gonna focus on

Instagram or what is there other platforms you kind of like yeah it was still more the blog and then Instagram

um even though like honestly my age demographic is all about Facebook but

um I loved Instagram just because I'm a very visual person yeah and so I just think it like I don't have to read

yeah what is going on this picture I'll read the caption sure but yeah I'm the same way with you that's why I

gravitated towards it too it's like oh great a platform where I could just share pictures you know like you said

when it first came out you know obviously everyone's like posting the pictures of the food or their Gatherings whatever but I was like well what else

can you share in here that we didn't really you know now that there's a platform dedicated to just visuals and

obviously fashion is like this this is the platform for it too it's like okay I could post the fits but it was so much

inspiration yeah it was before you know the video the short form video oh yeah

it's just it was like amazing to like see what you could see on there oh I feel like it's grown like you know

quadruple them even more so now because I mean you can spend all night on for you or whatever to go down the rabbit

holes and look up hashtags and yes um you're like I wonder if someone else is you know sometimes I'll look up those

obscure things like okay someone else you know like can I see a picture that because I want to see what that looks like if someone's yeah oh my gosh yeah

and you can like research if you want to go somewhere I mean it's like great that's great it is wild so I guess we're

in uh I I'm gonna go take a little step backwards now what did you do before

social media um well I'm actually a pharmacist by train okay I say fashion is my drug of

choice yeah I still practice Pharmacy but not as often as I used to um I just work about one weekend a month

um or it's called PRN as needed so that's I am a pharmacist and I still am

a pharmacist so did did the fashion side things kind of just slowly take over

they were like wow I could kind of start doing this more yeah so I mean really it

all had to do with the whole family Journey because we you know we

were trying to have a family it took us a really long time actually and both of my children are adopted but then you

know everyone's like oh you should work less you should be less stressed I was like okay well maybe if I work part-time so I've worked since I was 16 I'm like

like all through college all the pharmacy all the time and so when I started working with us I'm like well

what am I going to do I'm like I'm not working so then I started filling up my time with like content creation wow

that's so you were talking about uh you know people telling you start a

blog about you know your personal Journey Through the infertility and stuff like that did you end up finding

like a community of people that you connected to because I feel like that probably was helpful in that sense maybe

so I did you know whenever we adopted my son I shared like a blog post kind of like our story but I think when I was

going through it it was there were groups like our our doctor said you know there's these groups of people people

because again back then there wasn't as much social media and but I never felt

comfortable enough to like reach out and I kind of wish I would have because there really were like a lot of emotions

with that and I didn't know how to share with

um without being completely vulnerable and it's a little scary to put yourself on online out there when it's not

positive like I'm a super positive and optimistic person and when I'm if I'm like in a bad mood I don't want to share

with people because I only want to share like good stuff and not bad stuff or sad stuff and so for me personally it's hard

it was hard to share that because I I know this sounds so cheesy but I just

like to share like love and light and positivity and I don't like to share like Downer things no no no I I don't

understand I mean hey there's some things you want to keep private or you know to yourself and uh like you said

sometimes it is kind of hard to open up even though there's other people out there yeah with that it's just like and

and to that it's like you kind of find inspiration with those other people who

are sharing too going like oh wow I can you know especially if you're looking for answers yeah and I realized that

later on like a lot later on that there was a community out there that I could have shared with but like people have

messaged me personally and I've talked to them on the phone like shared like whatever they want to ask I I'm an open

book it's just I never shared like all the like in the moment of what I was

going through no no that's a good point I was wondering about that if people oh yeah people reach out all the time and

then I don't I don't mind sharing with them like any parts of it because I like I I feel like if it can help them or

make them feel understood you know I don't mind sharing that with them I just

didn't know how to share it on my blog well sure no well it's going from there

uh how did you find the motivation to start uh putting yourself out there and

sharing this fashion kind of since how to get the the courage oh my gosh that was like uh you know it's funny because

I actually didn't like I love fashion but actually don't like pictures of myself so that

was really hard because I was we were in Germany and I'm taking these pictures of myself and I'm like oh these photos are horrible but I was like I'm just like

trying to share what I'm wearing or share about what people like in Europe are wearing so but I thought that was

just really much more fun so I did get kind of over myself because yeah when

you put yourself out there you could like dissect yourself and just you know analyze and I mean it's really easy when

you're you know it's so funny because you can look at your friend and you could say oh my gosh you're like you're beautiful and you're all this but it's

so easy to look at yourself and say oh gosh look at that and this yeah it's kind of weird how people are like that

well and and I feel like fashion though in that sense kind of helps you get that

courage to kind of like make you feel good you know like nothing makes me feel better than wearing a new pair of shoes

you know it's that kind of feeling so I'm sure that kind of playing that where you're like you know what I do look good

in this jacket or whatever you know well that's part of my Mantra like one of them I have a bunch of things but one of

them is just for how you want to feel so even if I wake up and I'm feeling kind of crummy or tired or whatever I get

dressed up and I'm like I feel amazing now like and you go for it in the day feeling good I think there's something

you know deeper to that and something even I'm kind of realizing is like clothes that make you comfortable or

just there is that element there that's like and I'm starting to kind of like even for myself kind of like lean into

more of those kind of outfits or whatever that just make me feel comfortable and good and you know it's

like yeah whereas you know some things you might feel like you force it on you know we're like okay I like these you

know these pants or whatever but maybe not if they don't feel you don't feel

good it's actually very visible like you can you can tell like you won't you'll be adjusting things you just like that's

why when people are asking me for advice I'm like you don't have to look like me you don't have to wear what I'm wearing you have to feel wear what feels good

for you like you know because like I like big earrings but you might not you know sure no that's it seems like that's all

part of the journey you've got to go through a lot of uh just like okay I'll don't you know I'll donate these or

resell these whatever because you know I thought those were gonna be my local thing but you know it's always that uh

finding the right thing that fits but I think that's what's so fun because you yes it's fashion you put it on you can

take it off it's not like a tattoo you know if it doesn't work you're like okay

yeah going back in the closet I'll never see the lighting yeah like or no one

will ever know I had that job right right um so when did you as you start posting when did you start seeing the results

come in especially from um Instagram and maybe you know time Facebook when you kind of go like hey

this is a thing I think and people are kind of liking this and I'm kind of starting to find the you know rhythm in

it I mean because I was just sharing and you have this community who like comments and stuff but then Brands started reaching out to me I'm like and

so I was like oh okay well this is the thing then like people people want me to

help them with like you know sharing their brands and so that's when I realized like I had been doing it

probably after I started working part-time and I had more you know time

to to do this that's when I started really seeing some traction because I

was putting more time into it and then Brands were reaching out and I was like oh okay this is yeah there's a thing I

never thought about that yeah I'm sure once you got those DMS it's like hey would you if we send you some stuff we

were like okay yeah I like this thing I'm like sure yeah that's exciting

that's awesome uh so here's I guess we're gonna get into that uh kind of

content you know as as far as good do you what is the day in the life of that kind of look do you plan in in advance

uh to what you're going to post or is there um is it more casual or kind of

like in the moment you know I'm curious like what is the day in the life of like a fashion influence how do you I'm sure you wake up and you're like okay what

you know or do you have your your mid schedule in advance I mean it is actually so me personally

everyone is really different but mine is planned I have to because I have little ones

um my work hours are when they're at school so after drop off it's like starts a work day for me until pickup

time so I'm pretty planned I have to batch create batch like match shoot

match copy batch like I batch everything wow um and so it is planned however there is room for flexibility so if

there's something fun going on and I can quickly edit it I will post also like stories are more in the moment and you

get to see I feel like the more real me because I love storage you just talk to your community you know but um but my

feed because it's it is pretty planned there's some flexibility unless there's

like a campaign like a schedule campaign but I have things

pretty not set but like okay I'm gonna post this on this day this on this day this one to say just so I have content

to post and share and like because I I used to just post to post like I'm

like oh I have to post Monday through Sunday you like you have to get something out there but now I'm like okay I have to

I really only want to post if there's something worthy of sharing with my my

community you know because like I try to like teach him something or Inspire them or share something positive so now I'm

not as hard on myself about like okay if it's not you know if something isn't up

it's it's okay yeah no I feel like it that is a a shift once you get to a

certain point of like okay I'm you know you're not you're less chasing and less kind of like spam in people's

fees of just like trying to keep up and more like okay the next post I I'm gonna put a little more time and you know

um attention to it um and you realize you know the people that are with you or stick it will stick around and and and and kind of like uh

keep keep up with it so um well because everyone is busy and everyone everyone is busy busy there's

you know so much going on so there I feel like there's no I mean it's not there's no point but like for me

personally I feel like there's no point unless there's something good like something worthy of sharing

for them like something that they can learn from or you know be inspired from because there's so much noise you know

there's like so much out there already so you might as well give them something good yeah no I like that I I so in terms

of where do you see the most uh return on the amount of time you put into

something all right I meant to ask that earlier are you on Tick Tock as well I am okay


um do you kind of balance that kind of like focus and energy you put into

YouTube I definitely focus a lot of energy on Instagram I see the most return on there I probably spend the

most time on there um and then I repurpose my Instagram content for tick tock for Pinterest

um and actually I use some of the um and for Facebook but then also I use some of

that content for my YouTube also okay so you like YouTube shorts but then also

like some of the videos I can use for you know like my long form videos oh

you're yeah you're typing into like perfect are good like the uses of each

kind of like element of those platforms like you said stories kind of capturing in the moment uh and then I even think

about the YouTube aspect and with the shorts now that you see on that I mean there's like so many platforms you have

to be on that's a little hard honestly yeah but you know so do you and also in that sense within the fashion kind of

community I and I I guess I kind of see it as well it's like it is kind of more so

YouTube stories shorts or yeah YouTube stories Instagram stories Instagram

posts and like you said maybe Tick Tock you're kind of having a little fun on just like you know probably on those

posts where you kind of like do those you know cool tricks and transitions with the fits and whatnot I'm sure you

kind of think about how uh uh like Instagram you could go with a

good photo here you go but you know tick tock's a little bit different on that it is and I would say I'm I'm a lot um I feel like I

know Instagram a lot better than tick tock tick tock is awesome it's just that I don't I don't

um create uh media specifically for tick tock and

I feel like Tick Tock is awesome because it's like really um very organic like you could just get

on there and like talk for like a second and say whatever and it made you really well but like I feel like or in my like

what I see it seems like uh Instagram is still a little bit more refined you still have to do a lot more editing and

on Tick Tock you can just like go on there and just do whatever and it's okay and it's cool and some of it will do

really well and someone will go viral but so I feel like I don't I'm not I know some of my friends specifically

create content for Tick Tock but I like I said I'm kind of more repurposing right just because I'm I feel like I'm

honestly short on time no no I I feel like you have to do that you know like you said there's so many platforms you

got to be resourceful yeah uh and and also going back to like you were talking about seeing the return and like okay

well it seems like my audience is more on this platform yeah versus that um so I I yeah no that's very in YouTube

when you were talking about YouTube or do you you do your blogging on there or just kind of like your shorts so I do

shorts um on there but also I do have YouTube um long form media I love YouTube it's

just um it just takes a lot longer because you you can really communicate so much more to your community you can

really teach and like talk about so like so much longer because on Instagram you have like a very short amount of time or

even if you spend a longer time on stories it goes away unless you save it on your highlights but with YouTube you

can really talk and teach and so I love YouTube it's just like it takes a lot of time to edit you know create the

thumbnail like all the things so I love it so actually this year I'm going to be trans like transitioning more towards

YouTube and being more consistent on touching on that you know a lot of your content is that kind of high fashion

um you know a little more on the uh on that side uh Brands uh and a lot of

people might not have like the quite access to that how do you kind of keep it a little more accessible to everyone

because that seems like a fine balance that kind of oh sure yeah I mean I definitely like to Showcase like luxury

items in high-end Goods but I guess whenever I am like the concepts I teach

don't you don't have to have like LV or Chanel it's the concepts I teach are

applicable to all style and then also within my blog my like to know it and

YouTube I get a lot of requests for can you share like a look for less and so if I have something linked like the Chanel

earrings I also have like a similar item that like gets to feel but it's not like a million dollars yeah it's like it

really tough going back to the core Fashions like the Silhouettes yeah and just like well none of that you don't

need you know for that yeah it's just kind of like okay you're really kind of that that's a really uh good thing to

kind of touch on is is like it seems like you're also kind of you though you came from a pharmaceutical background

you're kind of becoming more of a a fashion designer of that sense because

of so much experience with it you know I mean I've always loved or stylists yeah I mean I I've always loved fashion it's

just and and at work uh I remember one of my managers was like you should do a

PowerPoint presentation on like what to wear to work I'm like really I mean where's my Pharmacy I was like okay I

mean I've always loved it but it's so I think it's I don't you know I was never I don't have a education background in

it or anything but it's just something I've always loved so to me as I I like sharing what I know um

if it helps someone then that's great were you also looking for some of that kind of tips and advice as you went on

this journey and like was that something you kind of like also like as much as you're put in time creating content you're also researching oh yeah getting

inspiration like you were talking about yeah and you know like I think that's the thing like I um you know I look at Trends and I like to see

trending but at the same time Trends don't work for everyone and that's what I always say I'm like that could be on

Trend but if it doesn't work for you then just leave it just leave the trend like don't take it with you because the

thing is sometimes you could try all these things and you can have all the latest trends or all

the it bag or issues or whatever but if you don't feel good in it it's like I said it shows like you know I always say

like your best accessory is your confidence and your smile and so like if you don't have it it doesn't matter what

you're wearing yeah yeah no that's powerful I I like that statement it is because that carries everything else

right yeah the confidence small which obviously you exude a lot I mean I'm sure you can make anything

work you know what you wear so but uh it's uh it's it's a good mindset and

like you said sometimes people get caught up chasing those Trends yeah but

sometimes what you're wearing will eventually maybe come back and train or you kind of make your own friend and then and I understand too because

sometimes I'm like oh that's a really cute you know that's a really cute bag I want that bag so I understand that but

just just know like sometimes you can you don't have to have those things you

have to kind of find you know your style it's a lot of experimentation yeah and I feel like a lot of experimentation has

really got you focused on what your brand is you know that's a whole other Journey it's like finally coming to like

okay this is this is me this is my voice uh which can be like I said a lot of

experimentation trial and error I'm thinking like Oh I thought I was this kind of

yes for sure yeah sure uh was it okay so when you're working with Brands kind of

going back to like the Partnerships um is there something you like or maybe dislike about that influencer exchange

sure or is there something wish you wish that companies may be considered a little bit more within that kind of like

uh contact of communication or kind of more more aware of yeah you know I I think it's always because it's it's you

know brands are reaching out and so they're they're have a goal to get you know they're either like

um more notice for their brand or you know return on investment for sales and I guess depending on what their actual

goals are you know it it first of all communication like you said is most important like I need to know what

they're looking for and they reached out to me for a reason so that's number one we need to know like what the other

person is looking for and then two sometimes there are gifted collaborations which are really nice too

um but some I've noticed that on some gifted collaborations there are very high expectations and I'm like listen

these gifts they don't pay my bills like I mean like and some of them and and

it's like I said it's still really nice but there's like very high expectations like oh you received it can I can I get

like uh you know something to review back in like two days and I'm like you know there's there's a schedule like

there I mean maybe it's different for everyone but like I said there's like a schedule for how I do things and so like

some of these gifted collaborations there's no contract and it's nice when they're saying oh we want to send this

for you there's no pressure you know whether or not you want to share usually those are more they're just like a

better feeling than these people than some of these Brands who are gifting you something they have expectations which

is fine but they're high their expectations are extremely high for a gifted item sure and so sometimes I'm

like I could just buy this and then I I could just post it once versus like eight times in one month yeah

so when it's like a hundred dollar thing so I'm like okay well that's a lot you know you're expecting a lot and so I

think it's I think that maybe I I'm always appreciative of working with any Brands

because you know that that's how I got started but I think that sometimes some other brands maybe just need to consider

like what they're asking like if you're you're giving someone something that's a hundred dollars but you're expecting

like 800 worth of work right you kind of have to maybe be a little bit reasonable

no that's a very good point so and you know with that too do you are you have you been a little more

um because now that you kind of established more your brand are you a little more like hey that's a great I

appreciate the opportunity but I'm going to pass on is there is there moments like that this doesn't quite fit it

doesn't quite fit or maybe my my community might not like it you know because sometimes some things that I'm

like oh my gosh I would love this I'm like oh well will my community like it and some of the things that maybe I'm like okay I'm not so sure but I think my

community will really like it I'll sometimes take a chance on that so yeah I am more selective on

um on Partnerships um and it has to do with like what I feel like would be beneficial to

me and or my community right so you're a little more kind of like you were saying like uh the ones are might be a little

more needy you're like well this isn't like again you know your audience and Community more you're probably a little

more uh strict on like kind of like like you know again what what suits you not

just kind of going with just because it's opportunity yeah yeah it seems like you there's always going to be opportunities yeah but I mean and that's

the thing I it was always kind of like that from the get-go and I guess I would if someone who's starting

out I would have that advice just like you have to be true to yourself so if this is if a brain is approaching you

and it just really has nothing to do with like your brand or anything and it

doesn't feel right just don't do it because it just it you'll it'll be very

apparent yeah you're right going back to again what you're wearing what you're doing even though you know you think

you're hiding it uh well it's coming like this video feels a little off I'm sure or whatever uh well it's and kind

of digging a little more deep on those Partnerships how is that kind of monetization go you were kind of talking

about like oh if you're given something they want you know this amount of work I mean like is there a return you're kind

of getting from that like sure well there's definitely there's like paid collaborations and there's gifted and so there's you know you know with paid

collaborations and campaigns there's definitely deliverables timelines and things like that and same with gifted

they do have usually if they're if they're gifting it to you but with

um expectations there you have certain deliverables that they want and within a certain timeline and so that's the thing

you have to just say yes or no depending on what will work or ask more questions

if you're not sure you don't know good tip right there ask the question yeah you need to no I I feel like uh it's you

know you're kind go back to like the the whole

you know your time like you said you're on a kind of set schedule you know I'm sure there's also

opportunities too where you're like oh man I want to do this but I'm not gonna make it work you know and maybe

hopefully I do kind of look for opportunities where like hey can you can we work on this timeline and that's the

thing I'll just let you know if there's a brand I really want to work with but some something doesn't fit you just try

to communicate with them and say hey I won't be able to do it within this timeline can we change that or these are

a lot of deliverables would you consider this or you know like basically just kind of trying to work together to come

to a point where both parties feel like they're winning like because you don't ever want to feel like no one wants to

feel like they're taken advantage of you don't want to feel like you're taking advantage of they don't want to feel like they're taken advantage of you want

both parties to come out feeling okay this is good for both of us so you want to come out with like a a winning like

finale sure yeah I know and this is really a fascinating site because again I didn't even think about like you got

the gifted Partnerships and then you got the paid Partnerships and you know as someone too you know as we're all kind

of like you know whether we're content creators or we're kind of getting on Instagram sometimes you're like oh you're just

trying to take every opportunity you get and then you're not really like hey is there any way you know trying to you

know communicate because you feel like oh I don't know if I should step you know whatever but then you have to realize you you you have a say too

because you're the one if you're the one who's creating content you have a say also yeah yeah no I mean because you're

you know it's not it's it has to be somewhat organic or or just fit right but then also you're you're the one

who's doing it it's like so they want you to do a job but you're doing the job so it you have both have to come to a

good agreement I love that that term you said organic I think that's another thing that's

especially within the fashion influencer Community is really kind of being authentic and being organic I

think that touches on two good points and I feel like you know kind of scrolling through your feed I it feels very authentic and organic

too where it just seems like you're like okay I'm composing with this doing that I'm like wow this like nothing fell it I

am now meeting you I'm like wow yeah this is like this is crazy now I can hear you talking it it matches and I

think that's really impressive to match that uh voice uh and presence

online because that can always be a disconnect yeah I'm sure it's true you know met people who were like oh this is not at all I know presenting it's

actually sometimes I've met some people and I'm like oh that's really disappointing kind of like what it like

a Floppy Fish I'm like oh they seem so like

like you're it's this is amazing I love that I get to talk to you because it's like yeah sounds legit

legit so uh and well going back to those opportunities uh what's one of the

coolest uh opportunities you've been uh contacted about you know in this kind of

Journey yeah oh my gosh this is well it's just so crazy because like like I said I'm a pharmacist I work in a

hospital and like because of social media I've gotten to work with all these amazing brands that I love and like like

I've gone on brain trips like I've worked with Neiman Marcus and then like cabbie sent me out to to California and

I was like part of their campaign and like in their campaigns like like

um like print and video campaigns and then like most recently I was invited to the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Dallas

I was like literally dying I was like I was like is this this a joke I had to

like look at the email and make sure it was like legit I mean so it's it's just

crazy that I feel like little old me like this just person from Fort Worth who's like doing stuff gets gets to meet

and like work with these Brands and go do these things it's like really like a

dream come true yeah yeah no and I might be misquicking this I know what you know the late great virtual level it was like

everything I do uh for my is for my like you know 10 year old 14 year old self

you know and and I feel like you know it's got to be a trip when you're being contacted by those Brands

kind of those full circle moments where you're like I can't even think I'd be you know even to even me going to like

work and doing um you know collaborations with Neiman Marcus or even going out like what I

mean are you kidding it's powerful it is because like growing up we didn't have any designer things like we shopped at

garage sales like I did not have if I had to name ran thing is because it was given to us like I

they're I mean like yeah it's just like all this stuff is just crazy I mean can

you dig a little deeper in that like you know the one about your you're traveling for what was that

experience like what was going on there I mean I just uh they the brand cave I'm

a cabbie Ambassador this year and I and I have been for a couple years but they're they're this brand and they um

they said they wanted to have real people um as part of their campaign and so they

flew me to La and then we did like a day of shooting like for their print catalog

for and like um they have what's like kind of like a it's called cabbie scoop but it's

basically like a almost like a Fashion Week for their whole cabbie um Executives and people and they

they had me like I was like there was like life-size pictures of me I mean it was just it was just really I felt like

I kept feeling like it was very surreal because I just was

um I just I I mean it's even hard to put in words because it's just like I can't believe I

got to do something like that as I've given you inspiration to see like well how much further can I take this like

well I wonder if I can tap into that other brand I want to work in and you know just the fact that like social

media is taking you to these opportunities in that far is that something you're like okay like I I'm

gonna go harder now and gotta like you know I mean I guess like I don't I don't I guess

yes I would love to do something like I would love to go to Paris Fashion Weekly yes I think it's possible yeah I mean

it's on my vision board I guess I feel like I don't I you know

there's I guess there's strategies to try to do that but I guess the way that I know how to do it is just

like really try to be my best self and really be positive and help people along the

way like kind of you know if it goes back to what you were saying it's like what you put out there I think is what

you get back in return and I feel like these collaborations of people aren't reaching out to you

um are wanting that you know what you're putting out there you know like you said you don't want to put the the Downs you're like hey this is and and now the

brain's like oh man like again you're a really good presence and I can't imagine being on that set like which must be a

different kind of process in production compared to just shooting pictures at home oh my gosh yeah like because I'm a

Glam team or whatever and then like the people who who like the the people who were doing the hair and makeup like I think they've done like Christy

turlington's oh like and she's like a supermodel like I love it I was like oh my God they've touched her hair in my

like I said I'm like you know dying oh this is just amazing that is the

biggest trip I I can't imagine just being like I can't believe I'm you know like in around those people those

talented other talented people like-minded people too who are kind of like and I get it all started from just

posting oh my gosh yeah I know because I got to meet like Gwyneth Paltrow because she did a group pop-up like in Dallas I

was like I mean that's what I mean it's like the craziest thing I'm like wow this is like unreal yes I can't yeah and

like you said it does it's harder sometimes the reality of it I can't imagine it's hard to really put in words

where you're like this is just I don't know this feels like a dream I bet yeah yeah I mean like when you're doing the

things it's not as glamorous as it looks but it's the yeah and that's another thing I'm sure you can't get lost in that where you you know you're so maybe

within your bubble you're you know taking pictures of home you don't think oh this is not a big deal but the fact

that these opportunities and connections coming down you're like oh whoa okay you know I think some people can kind of and

and to that some people don't see those behind the scenes you know what you're talking about like I'm sure

with your life and family that's a lot of work and you're not showing the all the work exactly

I mean it is fun but it's just like not that good there's like homework and you know dinner bedtime there's a lot of

things yeah you're like you're lucky you got your hair done yeah

the thunderstorm everyone woke up like at 4 30 today I was like okay try not to look tired

that's amazing uh so I guess to uh was it oh we're almost at the end so it gets

to kind of like go I'm sure you get this a lot and and questions as well what's your biggest piece of advice to someone

who wants to get into this I mean uh you know and also is there any kind of tips where

they can kind of begin like you said you'd have to have to be luxury you know do you have other kind of like suggestions about like you know

thrifting or reselling yeah well for sure I feel like if someone wants to get into this there's definitely

opportunities I mean there's a lot of people but everyone is different and they have their own point of view and so

that's number one you have to be yourself number two you have to have your why and maybe you're trying to

support your family so you won a million dollars you know you want to earn a million dollars but that's an outcome but it has to be bigger than that like

you have to have your why otherwise there won't be longevity because it it's not easy it's a lot of hard work and

it's not as glamorous as it seems and so you will burn out or you won't have longevity if you don't have like a

really strong why and then as far as like um tips you you can start off anywhere

it could be because like thrifting vintage you know like whatever you want to do but you have to you have to commit

to it and just kind of make it work like if you can't post on social media five times it five times a day or whatever

you can only do three times a week start off with three times a week build that in and then work up it's kind of like

working out like you're like okay I'm gonna try to start working out seven days a week start with three days a week

because like going from zero to three is still a lot right oh yeah so like if you can commit to that and then work up and

then like if as long as you can be consistent and that's really the main key like that's one of the things that

I'm always working on is the consistency um because that's the hardest thing there's so much going on in life if you

have another job and you're trying to make this aside hustle or whatever it's just gonna you have to find a way to

make it work to where you can actually do it and then keep building from that and then touching on that first point I

didn't think about that I'm sure you get that a lot too people like trying to chase and copy what someone

else is doing and being less oh I mean I've done that before because I didn't when I first started I didn't know what I was doing I'm like oh I should dress

more like this or dress more like that but it's not really you and every person

is different and has their unique like opinion or you know insights and so that's what's going to make you special

not like what you wear because like I could go find that shirt you know what I'm saying yeah I mean even if it's

vintage you can still find something similar yeah so I mean it's it's really you like you or what's unique and so you

have to be really willing to share like your perspective and share you yeah yeah

because it's like there might be someone else out there just like you even though you know and and that's looking for that you know

it's like me where it's like uh you know when I'm going down men's fashion I'm kind of looking for someone

who's like kind of got you know maybe the same build and whatever like wow just work and um and you're not really gonna get that

with someone who's just kind of doing what someone else is doing yeah and like going back to sustainability too yeah like you're not

but I feel like that's all part of the process the journey you're gonna copy other things oh yeah I mean because at

first when you're starting you don't know what you're doing I mean some people know what they're doing but sometimes you don't and so you're just

trying to like you know figure out some things and then that's understandable too but really the Special Sauce is like

yourself and I'm sure looking looking back too girl I'm sure you know like in those humble beginnings you're like

those first pictures and that you look back going like wow I was like you know that was such a I'm not that you know a

different person I found my way now I'm sure that was a whole journey and that's happened overnight yeah you evolved too

like you might start off a certain way and then as you gain different experiences or things happen you you

change as a person too and so like style evolves like you know thoughts evolved like you evolve as a person too so like

yeah there's like a lot of evolution in my style and everything else for sure that's beautiful so uh I guess as we

wrap up this interview again appreciate you coming in I know it was a thundering rainy stormy day your hair still looks

good thankful for the girls did you have any kind of a last things you want to plug

uh or you know uh give a shout out to uh what you got coming up you know I don't

know no I guess I I'm yeah well sure I guess like I do have like I am going to be launching an online course

um and it's style but it's very specific it's a how to style scarves because I feel like that's an accessory that's so

underutilized and I love scars um I almost wore a scarf outfit today but I was like okay this weather is just

easier to wear this um but uh and so it's gonna be on that so it's coming on the spring and I guess

I just you know I just want to leave with um I feel like this is so cheesy

but I just feel like you you have to always have like a gratitude attitude and I know it's easy these days to start

getting like bitter and upset about things but like when you just think about all the little things that you can

be thankful for it just makes everything so much better like I'm so thankful like we have this opportunity and I've that I

have my audience and I get to do this you know so I don't know no gratitude attitude I love that that's that's I'm

gonna kind of save that for myself that's a good little motto to keep in mind and and real quick to plug in your

social media oh yeah where they can follow you um I'm at style of Sam everywhere everywhere everywhere I've

seen YouTube style Sam Tick Tock yep Instagram cool perfect Pinterest well Samantha I appreciate you coming in yes

thank you so this was a amazing conversation I'm I I'm glad we got you

in here and and I have a whole new perspective and also respect oh thank

you like you said it's you make it look easy but I'm sure it's a lot of work and you it doesn't look like there's a ounce

of stress going on [Laughter]

the social Academy until next time uh class dismissed

oh yeah man it was amazing

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